Saving Food
Feeding Community

We are building a community kitchen to recover perishable food and cook it into meals which we will serve to anyone who is hungry.

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There is abundant food available.

There is enough surplus food, beyond what is already donated to existing food charities, that we can feed every child who is hungry, all the food they want; all day, every day.

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Without Disrupting current programs we can fill an unfilled need.

In Hampden County there are 41,000 children facing hunger and 47% of them are from families who earn too much to qualify for any federal or state assistance.

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 This is a problem beyond income class.

“Almost half of the children in our region are hungry.”

Feeding America

We are self funded; we donate 1:1 on every sale.

What makes us different from other nonprofits?

We are self funded and rely on selling food instead of fundraising. This means that more of our time is spent pursuing our mission. When you subscribe to Monthly soup share, we donate an equal amount to local charities.

Vegan, Gluten free, Carrot Ginger soup
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