Hunger is everywhere

In Hampden County there are 41,000 children facing hunger and almost half of them are from families who earn too much to qualify for assistance.

This is a problem beyond income class.

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Supermarkets discard tons of usable food

Every day Grocery stores and supermarkets discard
nutritious, healthy, expired food…

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We are Saving Food And Feeding Community..

We are the only solution to rescue perishable food and feed it to people in Western Massachusetts, regardless of economic status.

We are partnered with local farms and grocers, who donate unwanted food directly to us and we process it into food, which we distribute through our network to anyone who needs it. We direct our feeding program at those children whose families make too much for them to be helped by existing programs—the working poor.

By accepting donated perishable foods our food cost is negligible and we can feed three times more families than national average.  We are actively reducing food waste, while growing the available food supply incrementally; at the same time, we are creating jobs in our area.

We have found that most people who volunteer at soup kitchens want to serve food, they want the human connection, and rarely does anyone want to be the person in the back cooking the soup. 

As a high volume commercial operation we can work harmoniously with existing charities to provide food to them while still pursuing our mission of reducing food waste and feeding children. As a potential donor your donation is not diluted as we are not in competition with existing charities, we are simply using a resource which we are uniquely qualified to handle. We are not taking resources from other charities, our perishable foods many times cannot be utilized by the food charities in time to keep them viable. We direct our feeding program at those children whose families make too much for them to be helped by existing programs.


Together, with your help, We are:

  • Creating an incremental food supply with food that would have been wasted.
  • Feeding the next generation.
  • Rescuing food that might have otherwise go to landfill

We are in the business of feeding children who have no easy access to food.

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